Office 2016 Error 30088-28 generally occurs during Microsoft Office/ Windows installation, uninstallation, usage or update. We have discussed below the steps on how to fix error.

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How to Fix Office 2016 Error 30088-28 Error Code

Error Code Message

office 2016 error 30088-28 Error Code Log
Log Name: Programe files\office 2016 error 30088-28.log
Source: System Error
System Event ID: 642
Application Task Category: (185)
Level: Office Version Conflict
Keywords: Office 365 office 2016 error 30088-28,Office 2013 Home office 2016 error 30088-28,Office OneNote office 2016 error 30088-28, Outlook office 2016 error 30088-28, Windows update office 2016 error 30088-28
User: System User
  • Faulting application ID: msoffice.exe, version: 9.4.5605.18144, time stamp: 0×95282921
  • Faulting Module ID: Msoffice.dll, version: 9.2.3013.05147, time stamp: 0×59461251, time stamp: 0×31517988
  • Exception code ID: 0xe06a702e
  • Fault offset ID: 0xc09e331g
  • Faulting process ID: 0×282
  • Faulting Application Start Time: 0x09fdee8a52882911
  • Faulting Application Path: ~System/msoffice/win32.dll
    Faulting module path: ~System/Microsoft/win32.dll
  • Report ID: e9g71a63-1162-83c9-9146-9524dee4b899

Disclaimer: The steps given must be done by an Experienced Computer Technician. We are not responsible if something goes wrong by following the steps given on the site. All steps are indicative and should resolve the issue in most of the computer. If however if the steps did not resolve the issue on your computer, you can contact our 24×7 Chat support on for help by clicking here.

1. Disable Proxy

To check if you are behind proxy open Command Prompt.
Press Win key + R and type CMD
open cmd office 2016 error 30088-28

In command prompt type this command: netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie
check proxy cmd

If you see “Error writing proxy settings. (5) Access is denied.” this message means you should simple try disabling the Proxy setting in Internet Explorer and office 2016 error 30088-28 should be fixed.

Note: If you are unable to understand or do any of the steps you can contact our Online Support technician by clicking here.

2. Register DLL Dependencies

Sometimes during office installation or Windows update some of the DLL (Dynamic Link Library) get missed and are not properly registered in Windows. As a result of which Microsoft Office will be unable to start. Please refer the error log above for detailed explanation:

To register the missing DLL simply Press Win Key + R and Type:
regsvr32 Officevalidator.dll

register dll

3. Try the installation again.

In most case the error code office 2016 error 30088-28 should be resolved by now. If however the problem still persists you can contact our 24×7 Tech Support for resolving the issue.

office 2016 error 30088-28 Affects following Office Products : PowerPoint, Word, Access, Outlook, OneNote, Excel, Publisher

office 2016 error 30088-28 can occur in following operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Microsoft Surface Education, Windows Update Error

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